Thursday, 3 January 2013

Improptu Writing at Poets for Environment Seminar 2012

 The Writings ,Motivations ,thoughts and poetry  was impromptu writings by participants who attended the first Female poets for environment seminar in October 2012 in Harare, Zimbabwe,

Writing of thought - an environmental quote.- Reading from Seattle

        'How can you or sell the sky ?The warmth of the land? We do not own the freshness of the air or the sparkle of the water. Earth is not man  brother but his  enemy ,because he takes from the land whatever he  needs. and when he has conquered he moves on.

He kidnaps the earth from his children. He does not care,if all the beasts are gone man would from great loniness of spirit. For whatever happens to the beast happens to man. All things are connected"

Another  Inspirational Writing
For too many years Africa has watched with open eyes and bound mouth as modern systems destroy  mother nature. Africa is shining in the  so called new era. We need to take  a step  forward in protecting the natural world. May the beauty of trees and the smell of  nature live forever.

A  Poem - Nature Walk by Peggie Umind Shangwa

befriend me gusts of wind
whisper your peace to my mind
Embrace me, in the calmness

Be , Be the adventure,my wondering mind seeks
green trees dance with me
rain your tiny leaves on me
scatter your love
so that in my hair it rests
Abeautiful headress

Be friend me torrents of water
cool my feet
massage my feet
in the flowing waters
Be , be the enchantment
that captures my heart,earth,water ,sky ,sun ,rocks,trees , grass lands
Take me on a nature walk

Motivation by Kudakwashe Shambira

Greed and selfish motives of man is highly considered as a major cause of environmental degradation.Since the time of industrialization,poor  and rich people  have been helping in pollution,climate change and thorough land  degradation.The discovery of fossil fuel meant a lot of earth excavation and degradation. Emissions of gases rapidly increased dangers of climate change and weather distortions.Shall we deprive future generations of mother earth in her most natural state?Shall we continue to poison her  in the name of development?Food for thought.

Thoughts by Philis Tena

- It all started when mother  nature provided me food,herbs and water ,such essentials.Those essentials where ingredients to  sense my belonging as a member of the creation of mother earth and thus when i realised that  i had to be a responsible human being without manipulating the givens of life for self gratification but  protecting it.

Thought by Wendy Maminimini

It begins with us,conserve and preserve our natural heritage for the future generations.

Apoem by Sandra Taonameso

Broken pieces of glass,
toilet paper flying around in this land we live in.
industries disposing into rivers
gases gushing out into the air
massive weapons fired in the middle east that have left the land in waste
See terrible tremors and quakes  cracking the eearth ,swallowing mankind
Dear Haiti , I know you suffered the fate.

Saying by Mbizo Chirasha

My breath do not pollute my space
my smoke  do not pollute my bedroom
my voice do not pollute my beer garden

Edited and Compiled by Mbizo Chirasha/ Project Manager,

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