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The Zimbabwe sewer system under threat

The Zimbabwe sewer system under threat
By Mbizo Chirasha- Coordinator  Female Poets for the environment
17th of February 2013
Since independence in 1980 our infrastructure in Zimbabwe has not been repaired. Mostly in high density suburbs of Mbare, Highfeilds, Mabvuku and Epworth where population growth is rife. Typhoid and Cholera outbreaks are rampant threatening people’s lives. Municipal authorities have failed the general populace. Water sources near by have been the receiving end of sewer effluent   causing   a vicious circle of domestic and environment threat. Children are seen swimming in dams of stagnant sewer sources caused by bursting toilets and old pipes. Old township suburbs have an eye sore during this previous rainy season. The other damaging factor is that the City authorities are not pumping enough water for sanitation purposes due shortage of water treatment chemicals that have since hit the country since ten years ago. The same little untreated water is a health hazard due to uncleanness. These factors have resulted into Environmental and water pollution in this country. Female poets for the environment is organizing   a poetry writing contest and performances campaign on Clean water and safe environment in the high-density suburbs schools in March 2013.This hands on Campaign will send a clear message to the authorities and the communities to take care of their environment and also promote the use of safe water, as well as maintaining our old   infrastructure that include dams , water pipes and sewer pipes. Underneath are  newspaper and media punch lines on how  old sewer pipes threaten human and environmental  lifestyles.

[burst Sewer Pipes in Mufakose high density pipe]
Pungent smell has engulfed this area for years now. No amount of air fresheners can overpower this smell. Although I keep all windows closed, I cannot keep the smell outside.

Burst pipes have been a perennial problem in the suburb. There is always an unpleasant smell emanating from a stream near Westgate-
Sand and an assortment of discarded bits and pieces, such as cooking pots and spoons, were also found among objects that frequently block the system.
A background statement on the importance of water from  INNOWATER SYMPOSIUM 2012

Presenting a turnaround plan for the city on Wednesday, Chideya said officials were retrieving at least 20 bodies and foetuses weekly from both the sewerage network and treatment plants-
The system is evidently old and bruised as the bulk of the sewer pipes in most old suburbs like Mbare and High fields were installed way before the country’s independence in 1980.

The problem of burst sewer pipes has been exacerbated by the ever-growing urban population and persistent water cuts.-
A background statement on the importance of water from  INNOWATER SYMPOSIUM 2012
- Water is one of the most important resources on earth. However, this resource is under large pressure at the moment. In 2025 approximately 67% of the world population will live in areas with 'water stress'. Water stress occurs when the demand for water exceeds the available amount during a certain period or when poor quality restricts its use. Water stress causes deterioration of fresh water resources in terms of quantity and quality (GreenFacts, 2012). This water stress is caused by different factors, the combination of growing world population and climate change as important ones.

Compiled by Mbizo Chirasha

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Improptu Writing at Poets for Environment Seminar 2012

 The Writings ,Motivations ,thoughts and poetry  was impromptu writings by participants who attended the first Female poets for environment seminar in October 2012 in Harare, Zimbabwe,

Writing of thought - an environmental quote.- Reading from Seattle

        'How can you or sell the sky ?The warmth of the land? We do not own the freshness of the air or the sparkle of the water. Earth is not man  brother but his  enemy ,because he takes from the land whatever he  needs. and when he has conquered he moves on.

He kidnaps the earth from his children. He does not care,if all the beasts are gone man would from great loniness of spirit. For whatever happens to the beast happens to man. All things are connected"

Another  Inspirational Writing
For too many years Africa has watched with open eyes and bound mouth as modern systems destroy  mother nature. Africa is shining in the  so called new era. We need to take  a step  forward in protecting the natural world. May the beauty of trees and the smell of  nature live forever.

A  Poem - Nature Walk by Peggie Umind Shangwa

befriend me gusts of wind
whisper your peace to my mind
Embrace me, in the calmness

Be , Be the adventure,my wondering mind seeks
green trees dance with me
rain your tiny leaves on me
scatter your love
so that in my hair it rests
Abeautiful headress

Be friend me torrents of water
cool my feet
massage my feet
in the flowing waters
Be , be the enchantment
that captures my heart,earth,water ,sky ,sun ,rocks,trees , grass lands
Take me on a nature walk

Motivation by Kudakwashe Shambira

Greed and selfish motives of man is highly considered as a major cause of environmental degradation.Since the time of industrialization,poor  and rich people  have been helping in pollution,climate change and thorough land  degradation.The discovery of fossil fuel meant a lot of earth excavation and degradation. Emissions of gases rapidly increased dangers of climate change and weather distortions.Shall we deprive future generations of mother earth in her most natural state?Shall we continue to poison her  in the name of development?Food for thought.

Thoughts by Philis Tena

- It all started when mother  nature provided me food,herbs and water ,such essentials.Those essentials where ingredients to  sense my belonging as a member of the creation of mother earth and thus when i realised that  i had to be a responsible human being without manipulating the givens of life for self gratification but  protecting it.

Thought by Wendy Maminimini

It begins with us,conserve and preserve our natural heritage for the future generations.

Apoem by Sandra Taonameso

Broken pieces of glass,
toilet paper flying around in this land we live in.
industries disposing into rivers
gases gushing out into the air
massive weapons fired in the middle east that have left the land in waste
See terrible tremors and quakes  cracking the eearth ,swallowing mankind
Dear Haiti , I know you suffered the fate.

Saying by Mbizo Chirasha

My breath do not pollute my space
my smoke  do not pollute my bedroom
my voice do not pollute my beer garden

Edited and Compiled by Mbizo Chirasha/ Project Manager,

Friday, 30 November 2012

Breakthrough ,Breakthrough 2013

Female  poets for environment is gearing for a serious campaign titled 2013 Breakthrough. The campaign will bring together singers ,hip hop artists ,visual artists , environmental management  and authorities,governmental ministries ,Ngos on Environment the media . The whole Campaign for the Break through will be  led by female poets.

Clean up campaigns ,petttions, exhibitions ,poetry perfomances ,writing and environmental seminars will be organized .It will be a seriously inclusive program. Harare at the moment is littered , the water is not safe for drinking  and other domestic uses. The whole air is seriously poluuted with carbon gasses. Society is dying of cholera and typhoid.

We need our municipal authorities to take cognisence of environmental health. We are going to use our voices  for this Breakthrough 2013 .Schools ,clinics and youthe centres will participate in this Campaign.

Female poets for environment would need more support of educational literature , financial resources and cleaning materials from organizations ,the government ,united nations environmental program  and other like organizations.

Female poets for environment believe that  the cleaness and protection of environment is a human right and have to be uphold by each and every citizen of the world.

An unpollutted world is a safe world

by Mbizo Chirasha
Creative  Director- General
Girlchildcreativity project

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Poets in Enviromental protection campaign

Zimbabwe is a country abundant with talent ,creativity and innovation. We are really talented with a influx of established artists , writers ,painters and poets. Our voices are strong that we can  change  the way things look and work out .We need to preserve and protect our environment using  any means neccesary . We need clean water , clean roads , clean air , healthy biodiversity  and  protect our flora and fauna.

We Poets for enviroment we believe if poets raise their voices in conjuction of other enviromental advocates we all win the wars in the protection of enviroment . We need to combine forces with government , Ngos , Insitituions  and other prganizations to  fight against enviromental  genocide  that is causing climate change, degradation  , hunger  ,ecosystem stress and other maladies.

The project seek to bring awareness and highlight ways and mobilze societies in respecting the enviroment.In the campaign we will produce and do the following activities
- Environmental Proection awareness seminars
- Writing and artists mobilzation workshops
- Poetry and Musical Cds on environmental protection
-Poetry and Musical  bashes on environment
- Poetry in Schools Competitions and programs with the whole concept of the campaigns.

We will work with organizations like Clean up the World , Enviroment Africa , Enviroment and management agency , Unep,Ecoliteracy centre and other organizations.

It is pleasing that so far we  are starting our activities and developing our visibilty  methods  for engagements ,collaborations and participation.

by Mbizo Chirasha
Founder/Creative Director - General - GirlchildCreativity Projects.


The aim of this report is to highlight the issues that were addressed during the seminar conducted on the 13th of October 2012 from11 am to 1pm. The report will encompass three sections that will be identified from A ,B and C. Section A will focus on the programs’ general background ,section B will look at the goals of the female poets for the environment and section C will be based on the intended plan for the project.


The Female poets for environment program conducted the seminar after the realization that the Zimbabwean community needed their assistance The female poets realized that they live in a society that is rapidly lacking respect to its environment .The female writers and poets under the guidance of the producer of Girl Child Creativity came to a realization that there had to come up with a theme My environment ,Your environment as a result based project involving poetry writing ,performing as well as sending the message clearly to all people



Taking the responsibility in the preservation of environment

To raise an awareness on the impact of human beings in changing the way they utilize their micro and macro surroundings

Making advanced commitment to clean , conserve and protect the environment

Making people to realize the importance of where they live

Using a team of wordsmith, writers ,poets and musicians to use their creativity in the mobilization of environment al conservation

v Changing the people’s behavior worldwide by using creativity models that change the previous schema of the people towards the environment


v Fundraising for the Tongogara High School Geography Club Weather station

v Inform different people from different institutions , communities in rural and urban areas the essential need for conserving the environment through using creative thinking.

v Poets for environment prize – a contest that will pit poets in a completion for an award for the best writers and performers.

WRITTEN Philis Tena - Operations Executive

GirlChildCreativity Projects.

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